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★★★★½ "Weatherwax... has the unique ability to of consciousness, and embody it, weaving...images, moments, and stories from her life into a surprisingly coherent, funny, and powerful show."   

Indy Nuvo 2012 


"Thanks... for an evening that INSPIRED me to want to yell from the rooftops “YES! YES! YOU GOTTA GO SEE THIS SHOW!!!” Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s brilliant."

Dana Dyer Pierson

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“Weatherwax’s well-told tales morph into a style of autobiographical memory play that seems all her own. Scenes unfold in a fashion that is neither predictable nor linear. ...smooth narratives, vivid characters and unconventional plot twists.” 

Indianapolis Star


"You were beautiful, focused, and in top form last night and the stories truly touched me. I loved the ones about SEX! Something in my soul really resonated... We will trumpet your name and the show to everyone this week." Carmen Meyers

"'And I Am Not Making This Up' is a profoundly beautiful, imaginative, unique, and special evening, one that should not be missed...thoroughly engaging - mysterious, provocative, and fascinating.... "    Hoosier Times  Read the entire review

"Nell was brilliantly running, sitting, standing and conversing with the ‘muse’ last night. She never fails to breathe her stories in to the mystical moment, and as usual, MAGIC happens!  Warning: When you go, you will be hooked for life!" Janiece Jaffe, Improvisational Singer, Voice Coach 

"Nell plays out her memories like an ace jazz musician playing on a folk instrument. She's inventive and personal yet she taps into our commonality. She finds the funny bone connected to the heart!  For me it is an affirmation of the role improvisation plays in the discovery and crafting of my own work. Hers is so complete in it’s raw form!" Malcolm Dalglish, Composer, Musician

"The spontaneous movement and dialogue was riveting.  Wonderfully funny and sometimes poignant stories grew out of graceful and intriguing body movement.  I will want to go again and again."  Mary Kay Rothert, Academic Counselor

"It was like watching the wit, spontaneity and genius of Robin Williams and Jonathon Winters only in slow motion and slow motion is a good thing.   I would like to by stock options in Nell..." Sioux Hill, Academic Counselor

"Through Nell's work, we see truth-telling elevated to an art form.  She has—and is— a rare gift." Anna Haag

"It was a joy to sit in the space where the line between performer and audience were, blissfully blurred, crossed, twisted and turned. Words, movement and pockets of perfect stillness carried the stories from you to us and from us to you. Thank you for your crafted creativity and your devotion to the sacred space of story on a cellular and soulful level." Doreen Fatula

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