Upcoming Events:

Storyzilla Story Show: True Stories Told Well On a Theme

A monthly, themed, variety show featuring Nell Weatherwax's true,improvized stories plus true stories from a handful of chosen storytellers. An evening of well-crafted, true stories from the lives of real people plus live music, video, artful costumes and decor in a groovy, comfortable, yummy setting!

Here is an in-depth web article and WFIU radio show about Storyzilla

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Have your own Storyzilla House Concert!

Host an evening of riveting, funny, truthful, storytelling for guests in your home.  Launch your party with Story Play and guests will connect for the rest of the night! You provide the audience and I will provide a beautiful, funny, intelligent, transformative evening of true stories from real life. Themed shows are also possible. I have a portable light system which turns any living room or studio into a beautiful performance space.

Host a Story Play Workshop at Home!

Story Play Ann ArborGather a group of 6 - 30 friends and invite me in to your home lovingly, skillfully and playfully guide them into more connection, relaxation, story-sharing and play. No performing experience necessary. All that is needed is a living room or  studio, curiosity and sense of humor. Workshops are restful, easy, exhilarating, and deeply rejuvenating to the creative soul.

I have carefully adapted theater exercises for voice, gentle movement, wordplay into vehicles for sharing, laughter and playful connection.  Your group will be gently led to shed the work-a-day mindset and unfurl into their authentic, playful selves. We warm-up as a group and gradually build to playing with words and sharing in small groups. No one is put on the spot or expected to "be funny". If you can talk, you can do this kind of play. Story Play is a balm on the soul of those who crave community and creative expression.  No experience whatsoever needed to play. All levels of shyness, daring and curiosity honored and celebrated.

It is easy, inexpensive and more fun than is normally legal. Sound fun? Just curious? Feel free to contact Nell for more information. (812) 360-2530. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Comments from Story Play Workshop participants:

Story Play provided the opportunity to get in touch with my inner child and take her out for a play date. ~Scarlett W., Naturopath

Nell intently and succinctly addressed potential anxieties and eased us into play. ~Andy A., University Undergraduate

I really appreciated Nell's skillful facilitation and ability to know when guidance would be helpful and to provide minimal intervention while creating a safe container for expression. The time together was juicy, heartfelt, and soul-enriching. ~Juliana J., Life Coach


To receive an occasional email about future classes and performances, email Nell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.