About Nell

Nell Weatherwax’s performance style is a spontaneous, moment-driven ride in a vehicle made of storytelling, stand-up comedy, and cinematic expression. It is grown-up storytelling with more salt than sweet and with humor that flows from real truths and mishaps and M#$%&r F*&%#@g learning experiences.

Nell works from memory, imagination, her eccentric point-of-view. She attributes her out-of-the-box performance style largely to her teacher, Sigfrido Aguilar. At Estudio Busqueda de Pantomima in Guanajuato, Mexico, she learned to create any atmosphere, texture, point of view or character on stage as if living inside a waking dream. This study of theater as magical realism has colored every performance she has ever done and the commitment to creating the sound, shape, line and feeling of anything that can be remembered or imagined stays with any performance she does.

Nell also gives credit for her development as an artist to the Bloomington Playwrights Project in Indiana for giving her so many excellent opportunities to create new material for audiences over the decades. In 1992, Nell joined forces with Diane Kondrat and Deirdre Foster of the Monroe County Jail in Bloomington, Indinana and co-founded What If... InterAction Theater , an Indiana State Department of Health-funded, educational theater company serving at-risk or incarcerated youth and adults. For about 6 years in the late nineties, Nell lived in San Francisco, CA where she studied Playback Theater with Jonathon Fox, Body Tales with Olivia Corson, Motion Theater with Nina Wise, and long form sketch comedy improv at Bay Area Theater Sports. Nell currently enjoys living in her hometown of Bloomington, Indiana, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Movement Theater and a Master’s degree in Counseling, both from Indiana University. She is certified as a Global Career Development Facilitator, a Certified Medical Support Hypnotherapist and Fellow on the Board of The International Board of Hypnotherapy.


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